How to Write Literature Review when there are no Existing Literature/Research Studies

How to Write Literature When there is no prior literature

How to Write Literature

The session will guide step by step as to how to establish relationships between different concepts when there is no prior Literature/Studies.

Unable to Find Literature?

It is possible that scholars are working on a particular topic that has limited literature.

Scholars may face a situation where they are conducting research on a topic that has not been extensively researched previously. Or research scholars are studying relationships that are completely original and there is hardly any literature or empirical research on the relationship. Such situations can be significantly challenging for the scholar. However, there are steps that one can undertake to solve the issue of limited literature.

The video session discusses different strategies one can undertake to write comprehensive literature and develop critical arguments to link the different variables/constructs. The steps include clearly understanding the concepts by identifying the conceptualization of the constructs. The scholar may utilize theories to link the concepts or identify the key characteristics on the concepts and link them with each other.

Supporting Tutorials

How to search a theory.

Searching a theory to establish relationship between the concepts can be a daunting task. In order to make it easy, the scholars can use Google Scholar. The tutorial will help research scholars learn how to search for a theory.

How to Write Literature Review:

Learn to write, structure, and format literature review with a practical example and identification of critical tools/software for crafting a critical literature review.