Reporting Descriptive Statistics using  ChatGPT

Demographic profiling of respondents is a crucial component of research  studies, providing valuable insights into the composition of the sampled  population. 

Learn step-by-step  process for summarizing demographic variables into a concise paragraph,  using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), and ChatGPT  for assistance.

Step 1

Descriptive Statistics

Access the descriptive statistics function by navigating to “Analyze”  > “Descriptive Statistics” > “Frequencies.”  Here, select the  variables you wish to summarize. 

Step 2

Organize the Tables

Upon generating the frequency tables, proceed to copy them by pressing  Ctrl+C or using the “Edit” menu.  Paste these tables into a word  processing program, such as Microsoft Word, to arrange them neatly.

Step 3

Merging and Labeling

Arrange the tables, ensuring all borders are visible for clarity. Merge  these individual tables into a single comprehensive table. Clearly label  the columns with the corresponding variable names.

Step 4

Removing Unnecessary Columns

Eliminate redundant or irrelevant columns, such as cumulative percentages and valid percentages, to streamline the presentation.

Step 5

Using ChatGPT

Copy the final table and paste it into  ChatGPT. Optionally, add an asterisk (*) next to each variable name to  signify that this is a variable followed by the categories.

Step 6

ChatGPT - Prompt

"Summarize  the following Frequency Table for a Research Paper in a Paragraph. The  variables are marked by an Asterisk (*) followed by the frequency and  percentage for each category of the demographic variable".

Step 7

Copy the Description

Copy the description from ChatGPT and Paste it in Word with the table and perform necessary formatting.