Basic Measurement Model in SPSS AMOS

What is it About?

In this post i will guide the research scholars on how to design a very basic model in SPSS AMOS.

SPSS AMOS Lecture Series - First Measurement Model

SPSS AMOS Lecture Series

This is Lecture 7 of the IBM SPSS AMOS Lecture Series. In this tutorial research scholars will get to know the AMOS Software, its tools, and how touse those tools to develop a basic measurement model in SPSS AMOS>

Measurement Model

The measurement model in SEM is where the researcher is going to assess the validity of the indicators for each construct. After showing the validity of the measurement model, the researcher can proceed to the structural model.

Here, the latent construct is “Servant Leadership” which cannot be measured directly. Instead, the Servant Leadership construct is measured using a set of 7 items in a questionnaire.

Step to Draw Measurement Model

  • Click Start or Windows Button
  • Locate IBM SPSS AMOS or Type in IBM SPSS AMOS
  • Open the Software, you will see the following screen.

On the Left is the toolbar will all the different tools and on top is the menu.

Click the Data File Button on the toolbar to Open the Data File

Next, Locate the data file, in this tutorial we are using a SPSS file.