Data Analysis using SPSS - Basic and Advance Tutorials

Data Analysis using SPSS

Learn SPSS

The IBM® SPSS® software platform offers basic and advanced statistical analysis. Its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability make data analysis using SPSS accessible to users of all skill levels. SPSS can be utilized for both descriptive and inferential statistics. Although, with the increasing use of second-generation statistical software, the use of SPSS in survey-based research is limited. However, it is still significantly important in descriptive research and in fields like life sciences and humanities.

This section provides a detailed list of tutorials on the different statistical concepts that includes

  • Data Entry Management (Error Correction)
  • The concept and step by step guide to Frequency and Descriptive Analysis
  • Cross-tabulation and Chi-Square test
  • Correlation Analysis (Pearson, Partial, Group wise Correlation)
  • Concept, Interpretation, and Reporting Regression Analysis
  • Test to Compare Means (Mann Whitney U Test, One Way ANOVA)
  • Dummy/Categorical Predictor Variables
  • Exploratory Factor Analysis
Each tutorial includes both theoretical concepts followed by a step-wise procedure, and finally, a video is presented as a step-by-step guide to run the analysis and report the SPSS results. As a result of going through the tutorials list step by step, the scholar(s) will be in a better position to use SPSS software for their research work.
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List of SPSS Tutorials