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Several tutorials and video sessions on research in Business and Social Sciences are available for research scholars and academics to learn and improve their research skills.

How Do I Start my Research

How Do I Start Research

Confused as to Where and How to Start Your Research? These sessions may just be what you have been looking for.

How to Write the Research Introduction

Research Introduction

Learn to identify the critical elements and ingredients of the introduction in a research study.

How to Writethe Literature Review

Literature Search and Write Up

The tutorials provide detailed session on how to write a quality literature review and the tools/software's the can be used for the purpose of literature review.

How to Write Research Methodology

Research Methodology

A series of in-depth tutorials to help the research scholars and academics understand the research methodology.

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10 Minute Research Methodology

The 10 Minute Research Methodology is a short step by step guide to learn research methodology starting from the basic concepts to advance topics in research.

Data Analysis using SPSS

Data Analysis using SPSS

Learn different statistical concepts like Chi-Square, Correlation, Regression, and how to run, interpret, and report the results using SPSS.

Data Analysis using SmartPLS4

Learn to use of SmartPLS4 for Data Analysis. The series is based on a complex model where scholars are guided on how to use SmartPLS4 for basic and advance techniques.

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Learn to use SEMinR. A powerful tool for specifying and estimating complex Structural Equation Models using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM)

IBM SPSS AMOS Lecture Series​

Learn to use data analysis techniques using IBM SPSS AMOS. The lecture series covers the basic and advance SEM techniques using IBM SPSS AMOS.

SPSS Hayes Process Macro

Hayes Process Macro in SPSS

Learn to use Hayes Process Macro in SPSS for Mediation and Moderation Analysis. The tutorial include guidance on Serial/Parallel Mediation, Simple Moderation, and Moderated Mediation.

CB-SEM using SmartPLS4

Learn to analyze, and interpret data using CB-SEM, the newly introduced tool as part of SmartPLS4.

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AI Tools (ChatGPT and Google Bard) for Research

This page will guide the research scholars on how to use AI Based Tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard for Research​

Research Services Offered at

Quick/Short Guide to Research

This Page provides a complete list of short and quick guide to research issues including research concepts, methodology and data analysis

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Statistics for Social Sciences

This series aims to help research scholars understand and navigate statistical concepts and the main types of statistical analyses essential for research studentsusing R and SPSS.

How to Write Quality Research Paper/Thesis

Writing Research Paper/Thesis

Want to Learn, What it takes to publish in High-Quality Impact Factor Journals in Business Management and Social Sciences. Read the details including critical elements of different sections of a research paper. The guidelines are equally applicable to the process of writing a quality thesis.

List of Business Research Tutorials

Complete List of Tutorials

This Page provides a complete list of video tutorials by Category. Scholars and Academics can click the link and view the tutorials on YouTube.

Data Analysis using SmartPLS

Data Analysis using SmartPLS3

The videos provide in detail different data analysis techniques using SMART-PLS. The section covers basic and advance SEM techniques using SMART-PLS.

A number of different research tutorials are available on the website to guide the researcher in their journey towards producing quality research. An effort has been made to include guidance for everyone including those early-career research who are about to start their research journey or have just started. The video sessions and the playlists cover a wide range of topics to help research scholars learn the art and science of research.

The sessions focus on include

  • How and Where to Start the Research Process
  • How to Write the Introduction and Literature Review
  • Software for Literature Review
  • Understanding the Research Methodology
  • Data Analysis using SPSS, AMOS, SEMinR, and SmartPLS.
  • Use AI Tools like ChatGPT  and Google Bard for Research
  • Writing a Quality Research Paper/Thesis
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