How to Search for a Research Topic?

The focus of the tutorials is providing guidance on How to Search for a Research Topic?

Confused about Where and How to begin the Research Paper/Thesis?

Starting the research process is always a difficult task. 

If a scholar is confused about the right direction, the series of tutorials can help research scholars and academics learn where to start the process of research? In this section the scholars can learn the very basics of research, if you are not sure where to start the research, this is the right place to help learn the pathway to quality research. The scholars can learn 

  • Where to Start the research process?
  • How to find gaps from existing research?
  • How to propose a new and original research framework based on the existing research?
  • What are the quality databases and how to search Web of Science?
  • How to find new mediators for a research paper/thesis?

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How to Search for a Research Topic

Learn How to Search for a Research Topic?