SPSS AMOS Software for SEM

A detailed lecture series on how to conduct data analysis using IBM SPSS AMOS Software for SEM

IBM SPSS AMOS Lecture Series

SPSS AMOS Software for SEM

This section focuses on basic to advance use of IBM SPSS AMOS Software for SEM. IBM® SPSS® Amos is a powerful structural equation modeling (SEM) software. The software helps your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods, including regression, factor analysis, correlation, and analysis of variance. Build attitudinal and behavioral models reflecting complex relationships more accurately than with standard multivariate statistics techniques.

The series of tutorials will cover different topics from basic to advance. The sessions are designed to help the researchers learn how to perform Structural Equation Modelling in SPSS AMOS.

The lecture series will focus in detail on the following

  • –Introduction to SEM
  • –Introduction to Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
  • –Measurement and Structural Model
  • –Basic Measurement Model
  • –Analyzing AMOS Output
  • –Improving Model Fit
  • –Assessing Reliability and Validity
  • –Basic Structural Model
  • –Reporting Measurement and Structural Model
  • –Mediation Analysis
  • –Reporting Mediation Analysis
  • –Moderation Analysis
  • –Reporting Moderation Analysis
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Data Analysis using SPSS AMOS