How to use SmartPLS4

The series of tutorials is a step by step guide to the use of SmartPLS4.

Learn to use SmartPLS4

SmartPLS4 is the New, Updated, and Much Advanced PLS-SEM tool. The series of tutorials will guide the researchers and data analysts on how to utilize the tool to perform the basic and advance statistical techniques using SmartPLS4

Introduction to SmartPLS4 Tutorial Series

SmartPLS4 is the new version of SmartPLS. The new and much advanced PLS-SEM tool has much more to offer. It is very user friendly and a great tool for both academics and practitioners to perform complex data analysis for their data.

Some highlights available in SmartPLS 4

  • a fundamentally renewed and optimized GUI
  • significantly improved performance
  • data import from Excel or SPSS in addition to CSV files
  • multiple moderation (e.g., three-way interactions)
  • testing endogenity with Gaussian copulas
  • Regression models, including many useful diagnostics and reports to fully perform the analyses
  • PROCESS type analysis, including bootstrapping of conditional direct and indirect effects
  • Necessary condition analysis (NCA) including significance testing
  • Accounting for scale type of variables in most algorithms
  • Standardized, unstandardized and mean-centered PLS-SEM analysis
  • New datafiles can be created from calulation results directly (useful for higher-order models)
  • Many new sample models are now included

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