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This Channel is the Holy Grail for Business and Management Research
Khawaja Fawad Latif

YouTube Channel to Learn Business Research Offers


Generate original ideas for your Business Research

The Channel has numerous videos that can help researchers to identify how they can start their research and propose an original research idea that offers significant theoretical contribution.


Learn what its takes to write critical literature review

Not only the researchers will have access to videos that guide on how to structure and format a critical literature review, the researchers will also learn how to use tools like QDA Miner Lite, Google Scholar, and Mendeley for writing a quality literature review.


Now you don't have to be afraid of data analysis

Majority of researchers find data analysis to be extremely difficult. Videos on the channel have been designed to ease this fear of analysis. In each video, first, the concept is explained with examples and then there is a detailed step wise approach on the implementation, interpretation, and reporting the techniques.

Learn What, Why, and How

Start with the very Basics

Learn What it is

The videos on the channel start with a discussion on the concept of topic. First, the definition of the concept along with relevant details of the concept are discussed.

Reason Based Approach

Learn Why it is Important

Instead of just defining and explaining how the concept may be implemented, Why a particular topic is important in the field of business research along with detailed examples is also discussed.

From Theory to Practice

Learn How it is Done

After discussing What the concept is all about along with Why it is important, the video tutorials also clearly explain how the concept may be implements along with practical examples from published research. In case of data analysis, how a particular technique shall be reported is also discussed.

About Me

Khawaja fawad latif
research coach/consultant

I started my career in academics in 2006 and later did my MA in Human Resource Management from UK. in 2015 i completed my PhD from Pakistan. I practically started my research in 2016 and published my first impact factor study in 2017. I have published several articles in the following internationally peer reviewed journals

  • Journal of Knowledge Management
  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Hospitality Management
  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Total Quality Management and Business Excellence
  • Social Indicators Research
  • Evaluation and Program Planning
  • Journal of Enterprise Information Management
  • Leadership and Organization Development Journal
  • Journal of Intellectual Capital.

I have expertise in different tools that include Data Analysis tools like IBM SPSS, AMOS, SMART-PLS. Tools to support literature writing include Google Scholar, Mendeley, and QDA Miner Liter,

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