QDA Miner Lite for Literature Review

QDA Miner Lite for Literature

Writing literature is difficult, One cannot read 100s of papers. In order to solve this issue research academics and scholar can use software like QDA Miner Lite. I must emphasize the there is no alternative to reading and these software are just tools to locate literature from 100s of different research articles. The software’s do not write the literature for you. You will have to write it yourself. To know What to write, How to write, and Where to write, one should read as much as possible.

Use QDA Miner Lite to extract literature from the existing research. The tool will help you extract critical text from 100s of documents in a single click. The videos offer a simple way to extract critical information from 100s of research articles that you can further use in your research paper/thesis. A must for Research Scholars.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Use QDA Miner Lite to Extract Literature