Writing Introduction Section in a Research

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How to Write the Introduction Section a Research

What to Include in a Research Introduction? This is a seriously critical question as a number of time the Editors’ decision to send the paper for review is based on how well-written is the introduction section. Normally, the Introduction should have the following elements

  • Value of your topic in general.
  • Value of your topic in your field/Area, why is there a need to study the concept?
  • Existing research on your variables, what relationships have been studied
  • Limitations/Gaps/Future Research directions on your topic based on previous studies on the variables, MUST be LATEST past 1 year
  • The Theoretical Lens
  • Contribution of your study to the body of knowledge
  • Proposed structure of your thesis/paper


Each of the mentioned element is presented with examples and detailed explanation in the following videos.