Identifying and Presenting Gaps/Limitations in Research Introduction

How to Identify and Present Gaps in a Research Introduction

A scholar normally has an idea about the gaps and limitations in existing research. However, most of the times the academics and scholars fail to clearly identify the gaps in existing research. Furthermore, most importantly the scholars fail to clearly present the research gaps.

The Scholars will have to understand that it is not enough that references are made to existing research pertinent to the gaps available. Introduction section of a research study is much more than writing recommendation of previous research. A research introduction is the presentation of the justification for the study.

A scholar instead of merely focusing on the identification of gaps/limitation of existing research, which merely covers the WHAT aspect of research contribution, should focus on WHY studying the concepts is important. This should be complimented with what has been done previously in the chosen area of research.

Finally, the most important point, a number of papers have very strong gaps and have identified the limitation of existing research but they fail to adequately present the gaps and limitation of the existing research. Presentation of Gaps/Limitations of existing research is critical to a quality research paper. While presenting the scarcity of research the scholar should focus on WHY the proposed research is worth doing.

More detailed discussion on How to Identify and Present the Research Gaps and Limitation is presented in the Video.