Quick Guides to Research

Quick Guides

The short guides are focused one topic per session to guide the scholars in a quick time.

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Quick Guides to Research

Difference between Measurement and Structural Model

Fit Indices to Check for Model Fit

What is Moderated Mediation and Index of Moderated Mediation?

How to Check for Model Fit?

The Theory of Improving Model Fit

How to Improve Model Fit using Modification Indices?

How to Improve Model fit using Standardized Residual Covariances?

Import SmartPLS3 Project into SmartPLS4

What is Indicator Reliability and How to Improve It?

How to Search for a Journal in Master Journal List

What is Internal Reliability?

What is Convergent Validity and Average Variance Extracted?

When to Delete an Item in Structural Equation Modelling due to Low Loadings?

Understanding the theory of Discriminant Validity

How to Evaluate Reflective Measurement Model?

What is Explanatory Power?