Data Analysis using SmartPLS

Data Analysis using SmartPLS

Learn Data Analysis Using SmartPLS

The tutorials cover the basics and advance data analysis techniques using SmartPLS. The emphasis of the tutorials is on developing an understanding of different analytical techniques in SmartPLS. Research scholar(s) and academics will get help in developing their models in SmatPLS for their research paper/thesis, Apart from how to make and run the model, additionally this section provides  guidance on how to report the results.

The Scholars will learn the SmartPLS basics including

  • How to Start Data Analysis using SmartPLS?
  • Understanding the concept and issues in relation to Reliability and Validity
  • Reporting Measurement and Structural Model
  • Mediation and Moderation Analysis

Additionally, the Section also covers advance techniques including

  • Higher-order Constructs
  • Validating Formative Constructs
  • Comparing Reflective-Formative and Reflective-Reflective Higher-Order Constructs
  • Reporting Results when using Higher-Order Constructs

As a result of going through the tutorials list step by step, the scholar(s) will be in a better position to use SmartPLS software for their research work.

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Learn Different Analysis Techniques using SmartPLS