How to Find a Journal using Master Journal List?

The article explains the pivotal role of the Master Journal List in research endeavors. The session is dedicated to answer the question of How to find a journal using Master Journal List.

How to FInd a Journal in Master Journal List

Learn to find the right journal in Master Journal List.

The tutorial is a step by step guide on how to start the research process. 
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How to Find a Journal using Master Journal List?

The tutorial discusses the significance of discerning the quality and indexing of journals, emphasizing its pertinence for researchers seeking to navigate the vast landscape of scholarly literature. The utilization of the Master Journal List as a discerning tool in identifying reputable journals and finding relevant research materials is discussed in detail in the video tutorial. Master journal list guides researchers in evaluating journal quality, verifying indexing, and strategically selecting journals for publication. By harnessing the power of the Master Journal List, scholars can navigate the complex world of academic publishing with confidence and precision.

How can we tell if a journal is good quality peer reviewed journal?

To find a quality journal a practical approach is to use the Master Journal List. However, imagine searching for a research paper on Google Scholar. Let’s say you’re interested in “servant leadership.” You find an article in the “Leadership and Organizational Development Journal,” published by Emerald. Emerald’s reputation for respected publications suggests a certain level of quality. Similarly, Sage journals generally enjoy a trustworthy reputation, as discussed previously.

To conduct a more thorough evaluation, you can investigate whether a specific publication is indexed in databases such as the Social Sciences Citation Index or the Sciences Citation Index. Copy the journal’s name and visit the Web of Science. Enter the journal’s ISSN or title word in the Master Journal List search bar.

Consider the journal “Journal of Management Research.” You may not find it listed in your search. You can try enclosing the journal name in quotes, but if no results appear, the journal is not indexed.

Now, let’s explore another reputable journal, “The Leadership Quarterly.” Search for it on the Master Journal List to verify its presence. This site not only confirms a journal’s indexing status but also provides additional information, such as its publisher and inclusion in other relevant indexes.

Furthermore, the Master Journal List can help you narrow down publications that specialize in specific research fields. If you’re interested in social responsibility, for example, you can search for journals that publish in this area. 

In conclusion, the Master Journal List is an essential tool for academics and researchers. It allows to assess journal quality, ascertain indexing status, and discover journals relevant to their research. This strategic approach ensures that your scholarly endeavors align with reputable publications in your chosen field.


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