Complex Model in SmartPLS

Complex Model in SmartPLS

A number of research papers and thesis require the models to have an increased level of complexity. Hence, scholars often try to develop models with multiple higher-order constructs in a single model. Those models may have reflective-reflective, reflective-formative, and lower-order constructs in a single model.

Building such models can be complex. In this tutorial, I guide research scholars on how to build such complex hierarchical component models in SmartPLS.

However, before scholars watch this video, it is recommended that they have knowledge of higher-order constructs and how they are analyzed. To learn more, please visit the following pages

Concept of Higher-Order Constructs

Reflective vs Formative Indicators

Validating Formative Indicators

Modelling Reflective-Formative Higher-Order Construct

Modelling Reflective-Reflective Higher-Order Construct


Learn to Build Complex Model with Multiple Higher Order Constructs in SmartPLS

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