Hayes Process Macro - Model 5 - Moderation and Mediation Analyses

Hayes Process Macro - Model 5 - Multiple Mediators and a Moderator

Hayes Process Macro - Lecture Series

The tutorial will guide on Model 5 of the Hayes Process Macro for Moderation and Mediation.

Model 5

  • Example Variables: 1 predictor X, 2 Mediators M, 1 Moderator W, and 1 Outcome Y
  • The variables are continuous.
  • Note: Model 5 allows up to 10 mediators operating in parallel.


  • We want to examine if the construct of Culture has an indirect effect through Assurance and Perceived Organizational Support on the construct of Organizational Performance. Further the moderating effect of Role Ambiguity is also assessed on the linkage between Culture and Organizational Performance

How to Run

  • Step 1: Analyze -> Regression -> Process v4.0 by Andrew F. Hayes

  • Step 2: Put in the Required Variables. In this case,
    • Y Variable (Dependent Variable) is OP
    • X Variable (Independent Variable) is Culture
    • Mediators are Assurance (ASR) and Perceived Organizational Support (POS)
    • Model Number is 5
  • Step 3: Select Option Button, and Choose the options as shown in the figure below ()
    • Select Show total effect model (only models 4,6,70,81, 82), this is to generate total effect estimates.
    • For Standardized effect, select Standardized effects (mediation-only models).
    • Press Continue

Output Interpretation - Basic Summary

  • Description of Model along with the different variables where Y is Dependent Variable, X is Independent Variable, M1 and M2 are the Mediating Variables, W is the Moderator.

Output Interpretation - Model Summary

  1. Model Summary, provides summary of the model with R, R-Sq, F Statistics, and P value for the overall model.
  2. Next, is the coefficients, with impact of Culture on Assurance.
  3. Culture has a significant impact on Assurance (b = 0.5382, t = 11.0324, p < 0.001). This is path a1.
  4. Culture has a significant impact on Perceived Organizational Support (b = 0.7665, t = 17.5325, p < 0.001). This is path a2.