Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Analyze SPSS AMOS Output

Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Analyzing AMOS Output

IBM SPSS AMOS Series - 8

This tutorial will guide the research scholars on how to perform Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) using SPSS AMOS and how to analyze the Output


  • Let’s say I want to test a simple model that has two unobserved variables. The first variable is a concept called “Servant Leadership”, a modern style of leadership that primarily explores the servant orientation of leaders with specific focus on followers’ growth and development. The Servant Leadership construct is hypothesized to positively influence “Financial Performance” of the business.
  • The construct of Servant Leadership has 7 indicators, and the Financial Performance has 5 indicators.
  • Just as shown in the previous tutorial, I developed the following model


  • Once the model is designed, the next step is to Calculate the estimates as shown in the following image. Click Calculate Estimates from the Toolbar.
Next,you will see the estimates (unstandardized) in the model
To show Standardized estimates in the model,Click Standardized Estimates from the Estimates window
Click View Text to see the AMOS Output.

Analyze the Output

To learn in more detail how to analyze each window of SPSS AMOS Output, Kindly watch the Video Tutorial.

Video Tutorial