How to use SmartPLS4- Series Introduction

Learn to use SmartPLS4

SmartPLS4, the latest version of the SmartPLS software, is on the verge of release, and this tutorial series aims to provide a thorough understanding for both young and mid-career researchers. While basic introductory videos on SmartPLS4 have been previously covered, a complete series is now in progress to assist scholars in harnessing the full potential of this advanced tool.

Introduction to SmartPLS4 Tutorial Series

The Significance of SmartPLS4 in Research

SmartPLS4 is anticipated to be a valuable asset for scholars. The lectures will equip researchers with the knowledge and skills required to effectively use SmartPLS4 for their academic endeavors. 

Focus on SmartPLS: Reflective and Formative Constructs

The central focus of this series is on SmartPLS. The approach will be step-by-step, covering model design, validation, and testing. Each step blends theoretical understanding with practical implementation, ensuring scholars comprehend how to test their proposed models effectively. Furthermore, guidance on reporting results in research papers or theses will be provided after each step.

Essential Background Concepts for SEM using SmartPLS4

To lay a solid foundation, the series will delve into background topics, including Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), hypotheses development, variables, and the distinctions between mediators and moderators. Several videos will be shared to elucidate these crucial concepts. It is strongly advised that those embarking on learning SEM using SmartPLS4 have a clear understanding of these concepts, and pertinent videos are recommended for viewing before delving into the series.

Developing a Research Framework and Hypotheses

For those seeking guidance on developing a research framework, the playlist offers instructive videos to aid in the creation of comprehensive frameworks. The series also addresses the crucial aspect of hypothesis development, providing insights into how hypotheses should be formatted and developed. Sample hypotheses are presented, demonstrating the direct and mediating relationships between variables. For those exploring moderation, a clear example is provided, emphasizing the importance of explaining how moderation occurs.

Preparing for Data Entry: An Upcoming Session

In the subsequent session, the tutorial will shift focus to the practical aspect of entering data, whether in SPSS or Excel. This step-by-step guide aims to facilitate a seamless transition from theoretical knowledge to practical application.

An Introduction to SmartPLS4 Lecture Series

The Proposed Research Framework

This series starts with the very basics of Data analysis. A model is proposed that is analyzed step by step using SmartPLS4. The proposed model that will be tested as part of the series is presented below.